The Cell-culture Database can be used for:

a. Helping you choose the most effective media and antibiotics for your cells
b. Determining concentrations and combinations of antibiotics for selection and transfection experiments
c. Locating literature relevant to cell lines of interest
d. Locating literature relevant to plasmids/vectors of interest

The Cell-culture Database is a reference tool designed to primarily serve and enrich the work of cell and molecular biologists, life-science professionals, and the worldwide scientific community at large.

To begin, enter in the name of a cell line (eg. 293) or plasmid/vector (eg. pcDNA3) in their respective search boxes and click the search button to browse relevant data. Clicking on this symbol link will show you data specific to only one cell-line and plasmid/vector (eg. 293 cells and pcDNA3 plasmid).If you are working with (or are interested in) a specific cell line or plasmid, you can learn more about other experiments which have used the same cell line or plasmid by browsing the database. Additionally, if your cells are not growing, by browsing the database, you can potentially see other media which have been used to grow the cells you are working with.