About Us

TOKU-E manufactures ultrapure antimicrobials and fine chemicals for use in life science research – not drugs for human or animal use. The broad range of antimicrobials produced are designed for gene selection, cell culture, microbiology, antimycoplasma, diagnostic and other applications. Fine chemicals include products such as acrylamide, SDS, guanidine salts, and many more.

TOKU-E supplies high purity, competitively priced products for both the retail (end user) and chemical supply markets. Consumers benefit from TOKU-E’s excellent one-on-one customer service and extensive product knowledge. Chemical resellers benefit from TOKU-E’s devotion to making it easy to run your business. That means filling any order size, packaging it according any needs (powder, sterile solution, gama-irradiated, etc.) in any container, with custom labels, and shipping the products anywhere they are needed.

TOKU-E frequently custom synthesizes both chemical and antimicrobial products according to customer specifications. Whether that means meeting difficult specifications for common products, producing products that have disappeared from the market, or generating new products to meet today’s needs, TOKU-E is always eager to help you get the products that you need, when you need them, and at a fair price.